The vineyards awaken to the early warm spring sunshine, and the new buds make their first appearance. Crisp mornings are fine, but spring frosts a constant concern for young plants, so the weather is important. A mixture of rain and sun helps develop the crop develop and the vineyards start to lose their winter bareness, the new leaves soon giving the look of a green carpet across the landscape.

Those fresh crisp mornings lead to thoughts of amazing Blanc de Blancs champagne. Like the branches reaching up to the spring blue skies, so the crisp clean and fresh citrus flavours start to appeal. The champagnes of the Cote de Blanc offer the crisper varieties, the southern vineyards in the Cote de Bar perhaps giving a slightly creamier less sharp style, closer to a Chablis style of wine. April also sees the annual tasting events across Champagne where all producers showcase their wines. Not to be missed!