Welcome to The Champagne Collection

A very warm welcome to The Champagne Collection. It’s a pleasure to have you visit my website and to learn a little more about what’s on offer, and how I developed a passion for champagne.

My name is Pete, and that passion for champagne began back in 1999. I was fortunate to be given an opportunity to live and work in Paris, my IT skills taking me and my family to pastures new. During my time living and working there, visiting the Champagne region became a regular occurrence. I quickly found the environment, history, people, and the wine, all very consuming. Through this, my interest gathered a pace and I found myself enjoying champagnes I’d never heard of. They were, and are today, fantastic! I was greeted by numerous wine makers, and eagerly ventured into small grower champagne producers to sample their superb wines. I enjoyed learning about the history behind them and the people who make them. Champagne provides an endless number of intriguing stories.

Returning to the UK, I asked myself why more people were not enjoying these champagnes, why only a certain few were known and sold here. I learned quickly why that was, but even whilst knowing selling unknown champagnes was both niche and challenging, I was determined to do something.

The Champagne Collection was it, and in 2012 I set up online, offering grower or artisan champagnes alongside some selected Grand Marques.

In respect of the artisan champagnes, everything you see is selected by me after tasting. I look for champagnes which are strong in flavour, with great depth and character. Long ageing is a favourite characteristic of mine, the flavours develop as the wine mellows. My preference is for champagnes which are well balanced and are not over acidic.

I’m happy to advise to help you build your cellar of champagne, and to introduce you to some champagnes you may not be familiar with, but which are as good if not better than many you might be more used to drinking.

Enjoy your visit and I hope you find a bottle or two which is tempting.