Welcome to The Champagne Collection

A very warm welcome my website. Sadly, as I write this, the Champagne Collection’s doors are closing and I no longer offer champagne for sale. But, there is plenty of exciting and good news, as…….

……..I am delighted to tell you that my journey in champagne will not only continue, but expand to encompass many other forms of sparkling wine, and notably, English sparkling wine. My journey will see me writing and publishing articles and stories about my time working through life as it was with the 12 years of The Champagne Collection, and about my future adventures, discovering more wonderful wines and more stories from the people who make them.

Written from the heart, I want to share my passion with you, looking back at the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit, the people I’ve met and the stories they shared with me, and of course, about the wines I’ve both tasted and look forward to enjoying in the future.

The Champagne Collection will evolve and will become the home of  “The Sparkling Correspondent”.  I look forward to sharing my passion with you and together, our love for fine sparkling wine will reach new heights!