Welcome to The Champagne Collection!

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website. I hope you have had a browse through and have found our fine champagnes, and some lovely gifts for your family and special friends.

My passion for champagne runs as deep as the vines of some of my favourite cuvĂ©es! The deeper you go, the richer the wines, the greater the complexity, the more pronounced the style. The great thing about champagne is just when you think you’ve found your favourite, so you find another one. It’s a never ending journey and one that conjures up more magic every time I take another turn.

When I first started my champagne journey, I was drawn to the smaller producers, the Artisans. Smaller producers come in all shapes and sizes but have one endearing quality, and that’s how they strive to create their very own expression of the wine, and they are never frightened to experiment and create something new. The limited editions or special cuvees are a treat!

I should not however, forget the Grand Marques, without whom we would not have much of the history, mystique, myths and legends which define the region and its wines. For hundreds of years they have led the way in setting the standards by which champagne is known today. They too offer up some incredible limited editions and special cuvees, often in celebration of their history, or as we now see, to support film, sport, and other cultural events.

The Champagne Collection is one half of our offer and you’ll see on our page under Champagne Experiences, details of what’s on offer on our sister site, The Fine Champagne Experience. You’ find a link to the site where we have events and experiences centred around the four seasons, and champagne of course. Please take a few minutes to pop over there after selecting your champagnes and see how we can help you enjoy champagne even more.

In the meantime, I hope you find some champagnes of interest amongst our collection of Artisan and Grand Marques, and it won’t be long before you are popping a cork.