This wonderful range of Tsarine Champagne, created by Chanoine Frères, was made in homage to the Czars of Russia and to women of Russian nobility from the 19th Century. This is the Tsarine cuvée. The history of “Chanoine Frères” goes back to 1730, the days of Louis XV, when two brothers Jacques-Louis and Jean-Baptiste Chanoine started a family business selling champagne wines. That same year the brothers asked the city authorities in the town of Epernay for a permit for construction or renovation of the first cellars for sparkling wines. It should be noted that “Champagne Chanoine Frères” is one of the oldest Champagne Houses – with only “Ruinart” being older. For over 270 years “Champagne Chanoine Frères” has seen its ups and downs, having lost its market position and by the end of the 20th century quietly turning into a so-called “sleeping brand”. But in 1994 “Champagne Chanoine Frères” became part of the newly established BCC (Boizel Chanoine Champagne) and since then the brand has been re-born. The Tsarine champagnes are both elegant and light and enhanced by the balanced blend of the three champagne grape varieties. The Pinot Noir grape is the back bone of the wine, with the Pinot Meunier lending softness with fruit aromas. The Chardonnay grape provides a delicacy and elegance unique amongst its peers. This is the true spirit of the Tsarine range.