Welcome to our range of Besserat Champagnes, one of the most stylish and elegant champagnes you will find. The range includes some memorable wines with Brut, Extra Brut, Rose, Blanc de Blancs and a Brut Vintage available. The Besserat de Bellefon range comes from a challenge made in the Parisian restaurant La Samaritine de Luxe back in 1930. The challenge was to Victor Besserat to make champagne that could be served with food right through a meal. The result – a range of perfectly crafted wines to accompany any meal! All made in the cremant style and having smaller bubbles, each wine is less fizzy than many but the creamier styles, each with their unique flavours, has created five perfect cuvees, known as the Cuvee des Moines. Made with food in mind, to accompany the whole meal, the champagnes are made in the cremant style and have tiny bubbles.