One of my continued joys about champagne is not just the vast number of superb cuvees there are waiting to be tasted. It is as much the opportunity Champagne the region, and champagne the wine, offers us to learn about champagne and the region. I have embarked on a continuous journey of learning covering the history, the geography and environment, the people, and the traditions which are so enlightening. Just ask yourself, how do those hundreds of champagne producers all create a wine called champagne which is so different, each with its own characteristics? My journey has allowed me to look closely into the geography, the environment, the history, and traditions handed down through generation after generation of the Houses, and also at the skill of the wine maker to start to find some of the answers. It is a compelling journey, like a book you cannot put down as every turn of the page offers yet more intrigue.

The perfect wine tasting for me is champagne tasting, comparing the different styles and how they can be matched with food. Whether it is a Brut, or Blanc de Blancs, Vintage champagnes, or Rose, it is always special.

To learn about champagne, the journey, and to quench your thirst for knowledge and cuvees on offer, which can be enjoyed through our partnership with Jiles Halling and his superb online champagne course which is available here on our website. Why not visit our site and see how you can become a champagne sommelier!