Since 1969, the Soutiran Champagne House’s ambition has been to reveal, through its wines, all the wealth of their exceptional vineyards. Thanks to the quality of the selected grapes, and to the skilled blendings, wonderful champagnes, complex wines with a strong personality, are produced.

The heritage of the family know-how, combined with a love of gastronomy, leads to originality without betraying the characteristics of the vineyards. Like a famous chef who selects his ingredients judiciously and transforms them with talent, Patrick and Valerie produce their champagnes with the same passion, selecting the best vineyards to create unique champagnes such as the Perle Noire vintage or the “de Saignèe” pink champagne.

The consumers’ enthusiasm, the confidence of the professionals and the recognition of the press are so many incentives for the future that motivate us to continue on the path of originality.