Champagne is an interesting topic to learn about…..
here’s some snippets for you!


Champagne Fact 1:  

“Every year, the Champagne region produces more than 320 million bottles”. 

This is made up of brut, rose, some vintages, and for the real lovers of champagne who like to experiment, special cuvees and limited editions”.  


Champagne Fact 2:

“The production of champagne is represented by 70% by the Grand Marque Houses and the 30% rest by the Winegrowers and the Cooperatives.”

The big Houses grown some and buy grapes from the growers. The growers often keep some of their stock back to produce their own champagnes but in much smaller quantities. They are however, often much more interesting, especially the special cuvees they produce.


Champagne Fact 3:

“The grapes are very expensive for one kilogram it’s between 7 to 9 € and to produce one bottle we need 1.2 kg !”.

If we compare this to Prosecco where the grapes cost around 1 to 2 € per kilogram, we start to appreciate why champagne is more expensive. 


Champagne Fact 4:

“A standard bottle of champagne (75cl) contains about 49 million bubbles.”

Yes, this has been scientifically calculated and shows how much pressure the bottle is under as a result of all the carbonisation.