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House Spotlight - Champagne Cuchet Cez

House Spotlight - Champagne Cuchet Cez

Divulge into the heart and soul of champagne when you try a glass of our Cuchet Cez! This house is part of our Artisan collection as their products are made by families whose knowledge and unique traditions of producing champagne dates back generations, thus ensuring only the finest quality continues to be produced. This champagne is created using grapes from the Grand Cru villages where the vines used can be up to 90 years old. Many artisan houses sell around 75 – 80% of their crop to the leading champagne brands, keeping the rest to make their own product. However some simply produce, as is the case with Cuchet Cez who don’t sell any product to the bigger Houses. Unlike leading brands, artisan champagne is more exclusive as production is in lower volumes and the final product is of a richer quality. We enjoy supporting these smaller artisan houses such as Cuchet Cez because the true spirit and technique of champagne production resides in these products. Find out more about the Cuchet Cez house and the many ways in which it can be enjoyed:


Francois Cuchet has always been a man of the soil. He knows his land better than anyone as he grew up with his brothers and sisters playing in the vineyards that was then owned by his father. He is as much a biologist and a chemist as he is a wine maker, and really understands how the soil delivers great grapes. His experience in producing the highest quality of champagne is well respected across the region and across France. He is often called upon to judge wine tasting competitions where the highest accolades are presented. His finest artisan champagne is produced from the Vieille Vignes (“old vines”) which is given an added depth by virtue of the vines being some 60 years old. Francois’s vineyards are spread across the Marne Valley. The vineyards are surrounded by history as in the distance is a church where the vineyards workers gather each year to remember the 2 British airman killed in WW2 who are buried in its graveyard. All of Francois’s champagnes are aged for 5 years purely because his wife has said that she prefers aged champagne! Saying that, he does agree that champagne does taste better aged. His champagnes are also exported to Japan as well as Norway and Sweden. Apart from making champagne, Francois is also responsible for recording ownership of all parcels of land in the area of Champagne where he lives, as he is the registrar.

Champagnes of the House

With an equal balance of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the Cuchet Cez Brut Réserve tempts your senses with notions of spiced bread in conjunction with fruity nuances such as of pears, apples, Mirabelle plums and grapes. Your nose will also grasp distinct smells of pastry, bergamote oranges and white flowers. Once you taste it, its flavours of lemon and warm Viennese pastries engulfs you, all while being refreshing with a nice lightness. This Brut Réserve by Cuchet Cez is of a higher quality than many Vintage Brut champagnes as it uses 5 years to mature in flavour. Brimming with elegance and style, the Cuchet Cez Blanc de Blancs Brut Réserve champagne comprises of notes of mixed fruits characterised by smells of tangerine and sweet orange. Its smells are complimented by its taste and your palate can also take delight in flavours of vanilla, kiwi and mango. If you are looking for a meal suggestion for this type of balanced champagne which has become extremely rich through its ageing process, try prawns grilled with pineapple followed by a lemon coulis with a warm meringue. We’ve left the best for last as the Cuchet Cez Rosé Brut Reserve is one of the most strawberry filled Rosés you will ever discover. It is defined by its strong smells of raspberry, cherry and strawberry giving the champagne the elegant notion of summer fruits. Your palate is serenaded with a collection of preserves, jellies and sorbets in conjunction with the decadence of red fruits such as blackberry and blackcurrant.

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