Champagne Sanger is a very unique Champagne House. The House is in fact, the wine making school in Avize, and since 1952, students, professionals and the cellar master have been producing the Sanger range. The wine growers learning their trade at the school are taught the techniques and know how required to produce Champagne, and innovation is very much encouraged. The House has access to much of the terroir of Champagne and can call upon countless vineyards to select their grapes from. The grapes they use are often from Grand Cru villages and enable stunning Champagnes to be produced. Generations of students have started their champagne lives producing Sanger under the direction the cellar master but also learning from their peers. The school was officially set up in 1927 by the Government and today has a significant place in Champenois, training more than 80% of the winegrowers-to-be.