Jean Jacques Lamoureux

From the very south of the Champagne region, where the terroir of Les Riceys and the Burgundy regions meet, Champagne Jean Jacques Lamoureux produce some of the most outstanding Champagnes imaginable. Historic scripts dating back from year 1000 tell of the richness of the soil, discovered by the monks of the abbey in nearby Molesme. Led by the inspirational priest Robert de Molesme who founded the Order of the Cistercian, the monks developed a vineyard which soon gained prominence in the Champagne region, and laid the foundations for successful Champagne production centuries later. Les Riceys is a bucolic village, a collection of three hamlets, each of them owning an impressive church, the testimony of the rich cultural past of the village. The terroir of Les Riceys is the biggest vineyard in Champagne with 866 hectares of vines. This terroir is unique in the Champagne area with its three different AOC : Champagne, Coteaux champenois et Vin Rosé des Riceys. Two generations of the family gather to prepare the blending, with great eagerness thanks to the exceptional quality of the Pinot Noir, and the wonderful Chardonnay, like no other in Champagne being so close to the Chablis region.