Paul Goerg

Champagne Paul Goerg has a history dating back to 1876, when Paul Goerg became Mayor of the town of Vertus, just south of Epernay. He was very proud of the vineyards in the area, and wholeheartedly engaged with the winegrowers. A few years later a number of the winegrowers created some fine champagnes based on the Chardonnay grape, and together they named them Paul Goerg, after their supportive Mayor. Today, the same values formed in those times are still at the heart of Maison Paul Goerg, and, situated in the heart of Vertus, an exclusive range of cuvées are produced. Very high quality and authenticity are the key attributes to the Champagnes, and you will never find anything other than a superb wine when pouring a Paul Goerg bottle to enjoy with friends and family.