Cuchet Cez

Champagne Cuchet Cez are the very example of artisan champagne making, stretching back over generations of winegrowers and retaining a family tradition of producing smaller volumes of the highest quality Champagne. It took us ages to find François Cuchet - he does almost zero marketing, he's certainly not flashy and he lives way off the beaten track - but we're thrilled that we did and we think you will be too François is a man of the old school - one of the pioneers of the green movement in Champagne and an international wine judge too, so he knows about making wine. His special gift is patience; he has some of the oldest vines in Champagne, planted well over 70 years ago. Most people would have dug them out by now, but not François; he knows that the quality more than makes up for the small yield. He lets his Champagnes mature far longer than most other makers, even though the bean counters wouldn't approve, because that's what his wife, Nadia, prefers. For you that means wonderful aromas, deep complex flavours and the knowledge that you have found something very special indeed Located in Montvoisin Oeuilly and Boursault in the heart of the Vallee de la Marne, the vineyards cover 5 hectares and are part of a grower co-operative with all three main grape varieties grown. The priority of the House is the respect for the land, the terroir, and producing a style of Champagne which reflects the local environment. The co-operative follow a strategy of viticulture “sensible” to ensure optimal control of the yields in order to offer a range of quality Champagnes.