Champagne Mercier is described as "The most popular champagne in France", and is the number one selling champagne in France today. Founded in 1858 by Eugene Mercier when he just 20 years old, it is steeped in history and once owned the rights to the Dom Perignon brand which it sold to Moet and Chandon back in 1927. Today all three of these brands are owned by LVMH. Mercier is famous for producing a huge "Mercier Cask" which measured 6.2m x 5.5m, weighed 20 tons when empty, and held 215,000 bottles! In 1989 it was shipped to Paris for an exhibition. Two years later the President of France Sadi Carnot was driven around the Mercier cellars in a carriage drawn by four white horses. In 1900 Champagne Mercier took champagne tasting to new heights, literally, offering tastings in hot air balloons. The young Eugene was often seen quite sceptically but his friends and colleagues, and was quick to retort “You can laugh, but the day will come when rivers of champagne will flow through Epernay”. No one would argue with him now. Today, we their feet firmly on the ground, Mercier produce a wonderful Brut and a Brut Rose. We hope you enjoy both and if you'd like a balloon ride to taste them, well, give us a call!

  • The trademark of Mercier champagnes are the fresh aromas and intense fruity notes. The Brut does not dissapoint and is a superb champagne enjoyable for all occasions. "When I decide to have spur-of-the-moment at my house, I particularly favour Mercier Brut. This wine’s spontaneous flavours create the perfect atmosphere for friends. Its intense fruity...

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