Dom Perignon

"The Best Wine in the World" and who could argue? Dom Perignon is the name synonymous with Champagne and Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne is sought after the world over. Dom Pierre Perignon was born in 1638 and was credited with giving champagne its assemblage. He was the cellar master at the Abbaye d'Hautvilliers and in 1694 he wrote to the Syndic of Epernay saying "I have given 26 bottles of the best wine in the world". The rest, as they say, is history!
  • The weather in 2006 was mixed, but warm and dry overall. While July was scorching hot, August was unusually cool and wet. The almost summery weather in September made the vintage possible by drying out the few patches of botrytis and maturing the grapes far more than usual. The harvest began on September 11 and lasted nearly three weeks.

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