The Finest Champagnes

Discerning Champagne lovers will always enjoy a classic Vintage Champagne. Why not treat yourself to one of our selection for that special occasion, it will most certainly make it all the more special. We offer our Vintages by the case or as single bottle purchases.


  • Bollinger

    Founded in 1829, Bollinger is one of the few remaining independent family owned Champagne houses. It is a relatively small house but has worked over the years to acquire some of the finest vineyards, and now has about 163 hectares. The chalky soils found in the cooler northerly climate create a unique terroir for the 3 main grapes of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

  • Gosset
    Champagne Gosset is the oldest wine house in Champagne, dating from 1754. For four centuries the brand has been carefully managed and developed, and is still a family business today. Most of the cuvees are presented in the attractive old style bottle which is a replica of those used in the 18th and 19th centuries. Gosset avoids malolactic fermentation thus ensuring the wines retain their natural freshness.
  • Krug

    The House of Krug was founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug. Right from the very beginnings of the House, Krug have always strived to exceed consumers’ expectations, and Joseph Krug took Champagne production to a new level, with production techniques that had not been seen at that time. Six generations of the family have kept the finest traditions of Krug alive. They have constantly honed to perfection all the wines they have produced, and as a result have the reputation as a Grande Maison de Champagne. Krug has never strayed from holding that reputation and are the only Champagne house specialising exclusively in the production of cuvées de prestige, meaning top-of-the-range proprietary blended Champagnes.

  • Lanson
    Lanson is the fourth oldest house in Champagne and was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1860 by Queen Victoria. The House dates back to 1760 and Lanson are of the few producers to prevent malolactic fermentation, keeping their wines crisp and refreshing. The wine then has extended ageing in the historical wine cellars to mature and soften. We offer the whole spectrum of Lanson Champagnes and many of their gifts as well. Lanson are very much one of our favourites and offer a great product set. The Black Label is a top champagne and accompanied by a wonderful Rose. Don’t forget the White Label and the amazing Vintages. A great House and we are proud to offer their products.
  • Moet & Chandon
    The Maison was founded in 1743 by Claude Moet and has been a leading winegrower in Champagne for over 200 years. The Maison is steeped in history and now has over 1000 hectares of vineyards. Renowned for its quality and diversity, the Masion boasts 25 or the 41 premier crus and 13 of the 17 grand crus. They also have 28 kilometres of cellars in Epernay! Moet and Chandon is probably the best known brand of champagne in the UK and many of us celebrating a birthday or a wedding or special event will have enjoyed a glass of Moet and Chandon during that celebration.
  • Taittinger
    Taittinger are known for their discreet and elegant style of champagnes, and the family run House has a long tradition in producing some of the finest Champagnes. Our range includes the Brut NV, Rose NV, the Nocturne Sec and the wonderful Brut Vintage from 2005.
  • Tsarine
    This wonderful range of Champagne, created by Chanoine Frères, was made in homage to the Czars of Russia and to women of Russian nobility from the 19th Century. This is the Tsarine cuvée. The champagnes are both elegant and light and enhanced by the balanced blend of the three champagne grape varieties. The Pinot Noir grape is the back bone of the wine, with the Pinot Meunier lending softness with fruit aromas. The Chardonnay grape provides a delicacy and elegance unique amongst its peers. This is the true spirit of the Tsarine range.
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